Ilhoë - Fruits For Tomorrow
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Ilhoë - Anki & Aïda

Musician and filmmaker, Ilhoë shapes his artistic world as a cross between image and sound. His music evolves within spaces made of dreams and memories. In 2016, he releases his first EP Anki & Aïda, along with an illustrated tale.
Ilhoë also composed several films’s original soundtracks.

In 2019, Ilhoë presents Fruits for Tomorrow. His new EP draws from diversified musical styles: Trip-Hop, Classical, Electro Onirism.

A myriad of instruments and sounds revolve around the gentle piano that guides the listening. Each piece leads to a sphere of sensations, experienced as a contemplative wandering.



1. Fruits for Tomorrow Pt.1 (2’53)

2. Everything is Blue (3’47)

3. Snows of Tehran (3’03)

4. When They all Sleep (3’32)

5. Air from Another Planet (4’21)

6. Ce qui Reste (2’46)

7. Fruits for Tomorrow Pt.2 (2’58)


Composition/arrangements: Ilhoë
Voice: Marie-Eugénie Papastavrou
Violin: Barbara Baumann
Flute: Yves Sévy
Air from Another Planet‘s speech: Pat Griffiths
Mix: Pierre-Marie Williamson (Stereoplane Studio, Paris)
Artwork: Sylvie Donaire

In Fruits for Tomorrow pt.1:
Excerpt from The Great Courses - An Introduction to Botany by Dr. Catherine Kleier (©The Teaching Company, LLC. All rights reserved.)

In Fruits for Tomorrow pt.2:
Excerpt from Life Lessons From 100-Year-Olds documentary by Marcel IJzerman, Anna Snowball and Chris de Krijger (Emelia Tereza Harper’s interwiew) (©LifeHunters. All rights reserved.)
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